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News Brief: June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month - June is National Safety Month. This campaign, put together by the National Safety Council (NSC), highlights efforts to prevent injuries and deaths inside and outside the workplace. It...

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Safety Matters: Do Your Part to Keep Our Workplace Safe

Preventing injury and illness on the job is something all employees should take seriously-nothing less than your future is at stake. An on-the-job accident, infection or serious illness could very easily disable you,...

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Your Wellness Matters: Mental Health

Workplace impairment can be caused by a number of underlying factors. Key contributors of workplace impairment are employee fatigue, stress, and substance abuse. This infographic highlights the role mental health plays...

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Your Wellness Matters: Musculoskeletal

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are a leading cause of workplace injury and cost billions each year in workers’ compensation and lost productivity. This infographic briefly discusses the prevalence of musculoskeletal...

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June is National Safety Month

The purpose of National Safety Month is to spread safety awareness to help prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,764 occupational fatalities and 2.7 million work-...

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