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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Safety Matters: Staying Safe from Falling Objects

Staying Safe from Falling Objects - Objects falling from above can pose a serious danger. While this type of hazard might typically be associated with construction businesses, health care facilities face similar dangers....

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Benefits Insights: 5 Strategies for Tackling Rising Health Care Costs in 2023

Most employers are concerned about their health care costs rising in 2023. According to Willis Towers Watson’s (WTW) 2022 Emerging Trends in Health Care Survey, 94% of employers reported managing health care benefits...

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Benefits Insights: 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Health Plan

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Health Plan Changing health plans is a major decision for any employer, regardless of size. Not only is health insurance a costly commitment, it also impacts recruitment...

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News Brief: FDA Approves Over-the-counter Hearing Aids

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid - Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized a rule establishing a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for people age 18 and older with mild to...

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HR Insights: The Lingering Impact of Long COVID-19 on Employees and Workplaces

Unfortunately, some people who test positive for COVID-19 can experience long-term effects from their infection, known as “long COVID-19.” The effects of long COVID-19 can vary; individuals may experience mild symptoms...

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