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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Risk Insights: Incidental Medical Malpractice Insurance

This type of medical malpractice insurance is intended for those who have a medical exposure for operations that are incidental, but not the major function of their business. Incidental medical malpractice insurance was...

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Safety Matters: The Importance of Safety Belts

Not using a seat belt can be very dangerous. You may have incorrect information or assumptions about seat belts. Consider the following myths and facts regarding seat belts and the consequences of not buckling up. Myth:...

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Work Comp Insights: Creating a Workers’ Compensation Process

For the unprepared, workers’ compensation (WC) issues can be both confusing and costly. Fortunately for employers, there are ways to actively engage WC issues to influence their outcomes. Through management controls and...

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Understanding the Importance of Disability Benefits

Over the last few years, employers have been expanding their voluntary benefits offerings as a way to address their employees’ needs and improve overall attraction and retention efforts. While voluntary benefits have...

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Live Well, Work Well- February 2023

The Art of Waking Up Refreshed - Some people wake up ready to take on the day, while others may need more time or a cup of coffee to start their day. Regardless of which camp you’re in, there’s an art and a science to...

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