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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Workplace Wellness Programs to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Costs

By implementing workplace health initiatives, many companies are taking proactive measures to help with decreasing health issues affecting their employees. This is particularly important because of the following: The...

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Tips for Amending Electronic Health Records

Altering documentation in patient records can have serious consequences, including allegations of fraud and professional misconduct - and it also can make malpractice claims difficult to defend. Yet, mistakes happen and...

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Risk Tips: Engaging Patients to Improve Diagnosis

Diagnostic errors are a common, yet harmful and costly issue in healthcare. They are estimated to affect 12 million Americans every year,1 and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) note...

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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance in Text Messaging

Many healthcare providers and staff members find that text messaging provides quick access to the information they need to make healthcare decisions and is a convenient method for communicating with other providers and...

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Managing and Learning From Medication Mishaps: Promoting a Culture of Safety in Your Healthcare Practice

Working to minimize medication errors and adverse drug events (ADEs) is a worthwhile goal for healthcare practices. Eliminating all errors and ADEs, however, is unlikely due to the fast-paced nature of the healthcare...

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Health Care Risk Insights: Footwear in Health Care Settings

- Footwear is an important issue for health care professionals, many of whom spend long stretches of time standing or walking throughout the day. Good footwear is essential to worker comfort, but comfort concerns must...

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Health Care Risk Insights: Protecting Patient Data by Preventing Cyber Attacks

- - Protecting Patient Data by Preventing Cyber Attacks - The threat of a data breach in a health care facility is daunting. Privacy is the foundation of hospitals’ information systems, and compliance with the Health...

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Health Care Risk Insights: The Benefits of a Safe Patient Handling Program

Because of age or incapacitation due to illness or injury, patients in health care settings often need help performing normal daily tasks like sitting up or walking. Helping patients with these tasks requires...

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Health Care Risk Insights

Protecting Employees and Patients from Communicable Diseases - Communicable diseases present a unique risk in health care facilities. Aside from your duty to your patients, you also have the important responsibility of...

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