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Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership and excellence, Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency has been providing insurance and loss control consulting services to the business community for many years.  We are committed to delivering tailored risk management solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, and technology-based solutions to our valued clients.

The insurance professionals at Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency have a variety of resources to help you build an effective risk management program.  Contact us today at (806) 792-5564.  Let us review your insurance requirements and tailor a program to protect your assets and minimize your risk of loss while we demonstrate our dedication to delivering quality insurance policies that include comprehensive value and superior customer care.

Business Auto coverage insures vehicles that are owned, leased, hired or borrowed by businesses, whether they are associations, corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships.  Business Auto coverage may be used to insure private passenger autos and all types of trucks, trailers, semitrailers and commercial vehicles designed for use on public roads.

Property Insurance covers the risk of property loss in a variety of commercial situations, including commercial buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventories, business records, supplies and other physical items.

Property Insurance may cover two types of property losses:
  • Direct losses may be covered when property is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

  • Indirect or consequential losses related to direct losses may also be covered.

While there are many aspects of your business that could be impacted by an accident or unexpected event, the experienced agents at Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency can assess your property coverage needs to craft the best policies to safeguard your business’s livelihood. From insuring your buildings and signage to protecting your inventory, we can write policies that cover almost any eventuality.

We understand all of the hard work you have invested in making your business thrive and succeed. Don’t let the unexpected jeopardize your business’s future. Let the agents at Sanford and Tatum Insurance help you prepare for the unexpected with comprehensive general liability policies to cover a variety of potential expenses.

At Sanford and Tatum Insurance, rest assured knowing that we will tailor a program specific to your needs—not some “one size fits all” policy. With policies available to cover medical expenses, attorney fees and damages when you are legally responsible as well as other situations that may not have crossed your mind yet, Sanford & Tatum Insurance is ready to help protect you and your business.

You have invested a lot of time and resources on your business plan – number crunching, careful planning and endless hours. Because accidents do happen, professional liability insurance can protect you and your business.

When the most serious of situations arise, umbrella liability insurance will help ensure that your business is protected when your existing liability insurance policies cannot cover all expenses.

Does your business need an umbrella policy? How much coverage is appropriate? The seasoned professionals at Sanford & Tatum Insurance have years of experience and training to create the perfect coverage solution for your needs.

We can answer your questions about how much insurance coverage is appropriate to your business. It is not a trivial question, but our expert agents have years of experience and training to help come up with the perfect solution to your business insurance needs.

Sanford and Tatum Insurance is well-experienced in helping businesses and residents in communities throughout 36 states to protect their farms and ranches from the unexpected—even Mother Nature.

With an abundance of quality insurance policies specifically for farmers and ranchers, Sanford and Tatum Insurance’s professional agents understand the unique needs of agribusiness communities and industry leaders.

At Sanford and Tatum Insurance, simply writing farm and ranch policies is not enough. We ensure our clients’ receive the best coverage at affordable prices without compromising quality or service.

Does your business service, clean or perform work or repairs on other’s property? If so, let the professional agents at Sanford and Tatum Insurance explain the benefits of a comprehensive inland marine policy to cover losses of business property items such as tools and building materials that occur at your premises, while being transported to or from your premises or in storage.

At Sanford and Tatum Insurance, simply writing farm and ranch policies is not enough. We ensure our clients’ receive the best coverage at affordable prices without compromising quality or service.

At Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency, we understand the unique challenges faced by financial institution representatives for managing insurance for trust real estate assets.  Evaluation of existing coverage is often difficult and time consuming.  A Master Trust Policy simplifies this process by providing a blanket policy with high limits and broad coverage, thus eliminating the task of dealing with multiple policies with varying expiration dates, limits, and coverages.

Our program foundation is a package policy (property and liability) that specifically addresses the needs of financial institutions and their real estate portfolios held in a fiduciary capacity.  Broad property coverage, including Earthquake, Flood, and Windstorm are built into the policy.  Excess Earthquake and Flood Limits, as well as Umbrella Liability are also available.  Once the master policy is issued, clients are provided direct access to an internet based insurance management system where they can order coverage for new assets, modify or cancel coverage for an asset, access evidences of insurance and invoices, quote coverage, track external policies, and order a variety of reports related to their portfolio.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Property

General Liability

Commercial Umbrella

Farm & Ranch

Inland Marine

Master Trust

Risk Management

Risk management is the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks and the subsequent coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the probability and impact of losses.  Effective risk management activities create value and should be an integral part of the decision-making process.

At Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency, we understand that controlling your insurance costs is a must.  To compete in today’s global economy, company costs are under constant scrutiny.  As a result, many companies struggle to balance their loss control efforts 

with their bottom line.  Helping you meet these divergent objectives is our specialty.

To speak to Liz Schaap, our Master Trust Program specialist, call 214-850-4929 or email her at schaapl@sanfordtatum.com.


Making Insurance
work for YOU

Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency, now a division of
HeritageRM, has been providing insurance programs to the
medical industry since 1935 and today is one of the largest
Independent Insurance Agents with TMLT.

We represent the major malpractice companies in Texas
and are partnered with Texas Mutual Insurance Co. to
provide a workers· compensation purchasing group for
education and premium savings. In fact. Sanford & Tatum is
certied as the Texas Mutual master agency for the Texas
Medical Group.

As an independent agency, we work with a large network
of insurance carriers to create a medical malpractice
insurance policy that offers the best medical liability
coverage for your particular needs. We understand the
intricate challenges that occur in the medical profession,
and can deliver the right solution that meets your specific
needs. Sanford & Tatum strives to provide the superior
knowledge, innovation and attentiveness you require to
have continued success.

• Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage
• Hospital Professional Liability
• Healthcare P & C
• Cyber and Medical Defense
• Texas Medical Group
• Employee Benefits

Sanford and Tatum Insurance will provide risk management
services and competitive rates for your medical business
whether you are a large hospital, community or a rural
hospital. From massive to minute, we tailor insurance
programs to meet your specific insurance needs. After all,
at Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency, we specialize in
what you do.

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